Friday, January 30, 2009

The Verdict

On Wednesday, I got up at 5 am to feed the punk, then stayed up all day. Was this a great idea? I declare that it was not. 5 am is just too early. Even if I would have gone to bed at 5 pm the night before, 5 am is just way too depressing. I was tired all day long, even after working out. I'll bet even the little guy noticed that his mama had been replaced with a zombie. So no more 5 am jump starts for me.

On Thursday, the munchkin woke up, demanding his breakfast at 4:30, so that made my decision easy. I went back to bed after feeding him. Then I got up at 7:30, took his baby carrier downstairs with me with him still asleep inside it (yes, he's sleeping overnight in his baby carrier; that's a different topic) and completed my workout before he woke up. I was able to shower and get ready when he took his 10:00 nap, and I felt pretty darn good about that. So I declared it to be my new plan.

Then, he threw me for a loop this morning... He slept until 6:00! I woke up feeling so refreshed after 8 full hours of sleep that after I put him back to sleep, I went straight downstairs to work out, even though I had already made my workout goal this week, so I was allowed a free day. Oh yes. If he can keep this up and sleep until 6 every morning, I will be in heaven. 

This is when 2-months-ago-me reads what I have just written and passes out. 6 am? I haven't been a 6 am girl since... I don't want to remember when.

By the way, thank you so much for your suggestions. My man read them and went straight out to buy some Baby Einstein DVDs for his little guy. Perhaps on days that aren't as perfect as this one, I will start to employ the TV babysitter. How much do you think he charges?

P.S. My talented friend SG took this picture earlier this week (along with some others that I will post soon). This shot was taken at the time the punk decided to empty his bladder. He knows I love pee parties.


Emily said...

That picture is so cute, I can't wait to see the others. SG is so talented!

Bundy Family said...

Hey I'm all for the sleeping through the night with car seats. To be honest it took my girls 2 months till we finally got them sleeping in their cribs. Kassidy slept in her swing and Kimberly well I broke all the rules and she slept with us. I say do what you need to keep yourself sane. I loved the picutre it is so beautiful. Way to go on the workouts that is way better than me!

Bretzing Fam said...

Karly had reflux, and the car seat was the only way she could sleep with out losing her lunch....She slept in it until she was 10 months old and started rolling out of it! Your such a great mom...I admire your determination to get a work out in when he is so little, I know how hard it is!

Mary said...

What a cute little pudge! When are we going to see him?

Agent Pepper said...

I know why SG sounds so familiar! It's what one of my friends and I nicknamed one of our crushes.

If you want to know what it stands for you should probably call me.

: )

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