Friday, January 18, 2013

12of12: January 2013 (Saturday)

All of my plans for January 12th fell through. We had two feet of snow dumped on us, so my morning plans at the Gifted Music School were cancelled. Then the basher decided to run a fever, so we were forced to cancel date night. This snowy day turned into lots of Wii and as much sledding as two little wussy boys can handle (about 25 minutes).

1. Homemade low-fat blueberry muffins 2. Sad sickie 3. Loving the Wii that Grandma Lynn & Papa Bob let us borrow (I have mixed feelings.) 4. J.K. Rowling kept me company during three miles on the dreadmill.

5. Leftovers for lunch (my fav!) 6. Snow prep 7. Cold ooops! 8. My man created a sledding track down the hill in our backyard, along with a walkway from the door to the track, and from the bottom back up to the top. After all that work, the basher went down once and the punk enjoyed 5 runs.

9. Lots of white stuff 10. Snowbeard 11. Icicles and sunset 12. Our sleek grown-up tub has turned into a kaleidoscope of primary colors.
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