Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12of12: June 2013 (Wednesday)

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

1. 101.8 degrees. When the basher gets a fever, his parents get nervous. After a severe febrile seizure last year, which resulted in an ambulance ride, ER, ICU, and 4 days at Primary Children's Hospital, we don't like it when he gets warm. 2. Breakfast parfait: Special K Protein, Nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and berries. Yum! 3. Still life: laundry. 4. Waiting for Grandma Caryn to take him to swimming lessons. The basher stayed home with me to work on that fever. 5. When my man's out of town, I have to face the dreadmill. 6. After swimming lessons, my mom joined us for lunch... 7... and play time. 8. The Bible. 9. Coloring on a box. 10. I'm still trying to convince the punk that bees are not out to get him. 11. I enthralled the punk with my grass-whistling skills. He thought the trumpet/duck sounds were hilarious. 12. I love that he loves to read.
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