Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude Day 4

Most days, the basher takes two 45-minute naps. For weeks, this drove me nuts because I need more time to accomplish the things I can only do when he is napping: clean, shower, clean, read a book to the punk, clean, sit my tired derriere on a couch... But I have begrudgingly come to terms with his overwhelming urge to move and see and do, and I just know that I have to choose one task to accomplish during his short snooze. Usually that's a shower in the morning and a short rest in the afternoon. Do you see cleaning at the top of my list? Unfortunately for the other grown-up that lives in this house, no. You do not. (However, I guess my man is lucky that showering made the cut.)

Today I am grateful that the basher took two long naps today to total 5 hours! FIVE! Do you know how much time that is? It's a shower, a clean kitchen (including the stove, which has been re-burning the beans that overflowed when I made chili on Halloween), three clean bathrooms, several books with the punk, an episode of Raising Hope, and a deep breath. Maybe even two.

Yes. I am grateful indeed. Thanks Basher Boy!

P.S. I took a picture of a sleeping punk to commemorate my thankfulness because he can sleep through anything. The basher was cursed with his daddy's light sleeping habits, and pops his head up as soon as he hears the doorknob turning. He brings himself to a standing position even before he can focus his eyes.

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