Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude Day 15

I've already mentioned how much I love my mother-in-law. Her partner in crime, my father-in-law, ain't so bad either. (In fact, he is completely wonderful too.) But today I am thankful for the family into which I was born. The Johnsons.

This weekend, my parents came over to feed, entertain, bathe, and tuck in my little guys while my man and I went out. When I informed the punk who was going to keep him company that night, he clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Oooh hoo hoo! I'm so happy!" He often asks about each of my siblings - how they are, and more importantly, when they are coming over to play with him. I feel closer now to each of my brothers and my sister than ever before, and I think this increased affection has come with parenthood. Seeing them as an aunt and uncles has made me love and appreciate them even more than before. As the oldest of 5, I am having a great time seeing my younger siblings as my own peers, and more importantly, my friends.

I am so happy that my boys have four interested, involved, loving, entertaining, generous grandparents who all live within 15 minutes of us, and many aunts and uncles (including my man's brothers and their women) who love them. They also have two great-grandpas, four great-grandmas, and a great-great-grandma. Lucky little punks!

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