Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living Up To His Nickname

When we left for the hospital a week and a half ago, we were parents to a sweet, cute, pleasant little boy. Now we are parents to a sweet, cute, pleasant infant and a bossy, angry, disobedient two year-old.

The punk took some time off of being a little tyrant to hang out with his mama in the bathroom during her beautifying routine this morning. The difference between little girls and little boys? A little girl might play with her mom's makeup. A little boy uses his mom's makeup... to build towers on the toilet.


Brit said...

oh dear...sounds like he's going through an adjustment period? Bring him over again any time you want!

Presidential Players said...

Lincoln turned into a bit of a monster when we brought Carter home. Maybe it's a brother thing. The good news is he isn't getting into your makeup and using it as paint for your floor (I've been there a few times).

Debra W said...

Oh goodness, dear Meili, has it really been that long??? Not only can I not believe that your "baby" is two, but that you were pregnant and now have a beautiful little daughter, too!!! Such wonderful news:) I am so very happy for you and your lovely family! I will need to go back and read a bit so that I can get updated on how things have been for you.

I pray that you are feeling good and that the baby is healthy and well! Congratulations, Momma! It is remarkable how our oldest children look so grown up next to the newborn. Just be patient with your defiant little man. He is going through some major changes, too, but as soon as life takes on some kind of a new normal, he will settle down a bit as well. Enjoy your beautiful family! I will definitely be back sooner to see how things are going:)


Debra W said...

Opps, I finally read back a bit and found out that you had another little "angel" boy! I think I got confused by your reference to little girls putting on their momma's make-up, silly me! How nice it will be for the boys to have each other as they grow up! I love it that my girls have one another to relate to. It made the teenage years a bit more manageable because they could commiserate with each other:) Your boys will always be protective over you, which is so sweet later on!

I hope that you are feeling well and getting a bit of sleep now and then! Your family is just beautiful!


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