Saturday, March 12, 2011

12of12: March (Saturday)

On the 12th of each month, I take 12 photos to document my day. Here's what the 12th of March looked like in the Bell home.

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

1. We finally put the finishing touches on the punk's new big boy room. He now has shelves and a hamper.
2. Sweeping the master bedroom after my man installed our new shelves. We're still working on our finishing touches.
3. The punk gets to watch a cartoon when I get in the shower. Last time I left him to his own devices without the distraction of TV, he biffed it off the fireplace hearth and I had to run out of the bathroom, naked and wet, to rescue him. Today he chose Thomas the Train.
4. Lunch: scrambled eggs, cheddar, and Uncle John's salsa on a toasted sesame bagel. Yum!
5. I wanted to show the size of my 39-week belly so I laid down for this shot. Then the punk came in to join me for the photo shoot.
6. It was overcast and a bit gray today, but warm enough for some park action. Should I have let the punk jump with a stick in his hand?
7. Maternity jeans and cowboy boots.
8. Climbing the spiral.
9. Bringing Up Boys by James C. Dobson
10. My man and I went to the Red Iguana for our last date this century.
11. It was seriously the best Mexican food I've ever had. I found myself making involuntary "yummy" sounds.
12. We returned home in time to enjoy the punk's nightly bath/bedtime routine as a family.


jenna said...

Awww. That belly shot is sweet. Lucky you to eat at Red Iguana! Awesome mexican food.

Lee Currie said...

Looks like such a wonderful day. Love those creative angles!

Presidential Players said...

Love the 12x12 idea! Maybe I'll try it next year. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby punk. Keep us posted...

amy gretchen said...

I'm glad you got your belly in there since it will be the last month to do so. Crazy to think a week or less. :) and next month a new little boy to include.

I'm so glad you are loving this project.

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