Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that there are plenty of people in our world who have no problem asking impertinent questions of a gestating woman. I've addressed this topic before, but I will never cease to be surprised at the lack of tact or thoughtfulness these people can possess.

For instance, when finding out that I am about to have a second boy, these weirdos imply that I should be sad that I didn't get a girl this time. What is the sense in that?

Or, when considering the size of my giant belly, these people have asked if I'm sure I'm not having twins.

While we expectant mamas are often the targets of thoughtless, stupid, or intrusive questions and comments, I've found another category of human that shares this same misfortune:

Old men with long, white beards!

The punk and I were enjoying a leisurely lunch at the Costco deli when two sets of strangers joined us on nearby benches. These two couples began conversing with each other, and I, having nothing to distract me besides the task of cutting up the punk's pizza, had no real choice but to witness their conversation. They talked about where they lived and what they were doing at the Murray Costco, and then Mrs. Bandana asked Mr. Whitebeard, "So, are you a Santa Claus at Christmastime?"

He snorted and then grunted, "No." His wife then came to his rescue with an excuse: "He's not good with children."

So, are we all clear about the rules?
1) All mothers should be disappointed if their first two children are of the same sex AND
2) All bearded men are expected to dress in furry red felt in December and let scores of snotty kids sit on their laps.


amy gretchen said...

This cracks me up. I'm often perplexed by some of the questions some people choose to ask. I guess though, they don't realize what it sounds like. I totally remember getting that same comment when I had Megan. People are weird.

Presidential Players said...

It is amazing how when you are pregnant (and apparently a bearded older man) that strangers feel entitled to say anything that comes to their mind. It's like all normal rules are out the window. I feel bad for my boys because everywhere I go, people are constantly saying 2 things. 1- Wow, you have your hands full. (really, I didn't know that) and 2- Is it a girl this time? And after finding out it is, yelling, "You finally did it!". I've had to sit down with my boys and explain to them that I love them and I am happy they are boys.
*Oh and on a side-note, rules are also off if you have a birthmark that covers part of your face. If I go anywhere without makeup, I get asked all kinds of strange things!

Strings of Elegance said...

Tara, I was thinking of you when I wrote about the twins comment. Ha! And wow, I can't believe people ask you about your birthmark. Can you even see it still? I thought it had faded so much that I haven't noticed it in years.

Gotta love the general public.

Bretzing Fam said...

So I am an honest person...and I have been guilty of both said charges...My ceramics teacher at the U of U (got and A btw) looked just like Santa...and lets face it he worked in a work shop...

As far as the other, there is just this wierd inner wierdness that makes people think families should be a good mix of the genders...We have one boy and two girls, so Steve made sure our dog was a boy ...to even out the vote...so far the dog has yet to comment on any gender fights and truth be told...I think he would side with me if had people vocal cords.

McMillan Family said...

I totally agree people ask/say the dumbest things when you are pregnant.
I was at wally world with my three boys and my big prego belly and the checker asked me what I was having and I replied a boy and she goes oh you poor thing I am so sorry. I just look at her and I said I am so excited. This is the question I get asked now "so you are going to try for a girl right?" me "uh no way".
BTW you look darling. When is the big day?

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