Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Host a Play Date

1. Eat a healthy breakfast and clean up after yourself.

(Wiping the tray is the punk's favorite part of breakfast. Weirdo.)

2. Let your friend play basketball while you play with trains. Never desire the same toy. If you do, disaster will occur. Best to play in the same room while avoiding any type of cooperation.

3. Share a banana.

4. Make faces at your friend when he is not looking.

5. When your friend shows an interest in your pet rabbit, steal said rabbit and back into a corner to protect it.

6. Kiss the rabbit on the lips.

7. When your friend finally retrieves the rabbit, go play with a truck. Best to let your friend win sometimes.

(What is up with kids and this dang rabbit?)


Julie Carlile said...

Ha! I am laughing so hard just remembering how creeped out you were by the rabbit.

Kent and Ashley said...

Isn't it interesting how kids will zero in on one object when there are tons of other things to play with?

suzanne cabrera said...

So, so cute...and handsome. If he's looking for extra cleaning jobs, please send him my way!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the rabbit fascination.

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