Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conversation with a Toddler

While enjoying our breakfast of sugary cereal (the punk) and hot chocolate with buttered and toasted demi-baguette (mama), we had the following conversation:

Punk: "Wockit."
Mama: "What did you say?"
Punk: "Wockit."
Mama: "I'm sorry, I didn't understand you."
Punk: "Wockit."
Mama: "Can you say it a different way?"
Punk: "Wockit."
Mama: "Why don't you show me?"
Punk: "Huh?"
Mama: "Show me what you mean."
Punk: "Hmmm?"
Mama: (laughing hysterically...)
Punk: (looking puzzled, then amused...) "Mama funny."

At least we can communicate through music. Here is the punk at his first Kindermusik class:


Maureen Olsen said...

Yeah I get the first comment. LOL Looks like so much fun. Music is so wonderful and Calvin looks like he is loving it. Elizabeth sings all day long and it is great.

Drew & Brynn Harvey said...

I love it when they know exactly what they're saying, and yet we have no clue, but they totally expect us to understand. Damian still does that to me sometimes!

Sarah said...

my nephew knows more words than he knows what to do with (looking at a flashcard of a light-coat he refused to say "coat" when prompted and said "jacket.") and yet he still uses his made-up words for some words.

Also, I make up words sometimes, so I totally relate.

Shaneleee said...

So Cute!!! I do love the cinderella voice, she should work at Disney Land

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