Friday, September 26, 2008

New Find Friday: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I have a friend Jamie who works at Sephora. This is a very useful kind of friend, and I recommend that you all find a makeup expert friend immediately. I was complaining to her about how my eyeshadow always ends up creasing during the day, and she recommended that I go to Sephora immediately and purchase this magical product. So I did! And now, no ugly eyeshadow crease. Here's what Urban Decay has to say about it:

This miracle eyeshadow primer is unmatched by any other in the beauty industry! The genie in this bottle fulfills three wishes: eyeshadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. Apply Primer Potion to lids before shadow application. It dries down almost instantly (and invisibly), creating smooth lids that are super powered eyeshadow magnets.

My only warning is that you have little room for mistakes once this primer is on your lids. The first day I tried it, I accidentally glopped a bunch of mascara on my eyelid and I couldn't get it off. Seriously - this stuff has an iron grasp on anything you apply to your eyelids. It's magnificent, as long as you're not a makeup klutz.


Sarah said...

I think the most notable part of this post is that you have a friend who works at Sephora. WHERE is the nearest Sephora to me (besides on the interweb) and HOW can I get a Sephora BFF? (I give excellent birthday parties...)

Love Sephora.

Also, am bit of make-up clown (mostly since it's generally applied while at stop-lights...) so i'll work on that.

Meili said...

The nearest Sephora to ME is inside JC Penny on Riverdale Road in South Ogden. I don't think there are any in Salt Lake yet. Bet you didn't know that South Ogden was ahead of SLC in anything!

Brit said...

i don't know if i could take pressure...once chance to get the eyeshadow right? come on! :)

Sarah Garner said...

This is not for me seeing how it takes me about three times to get my stupid eyeliner right everday! Plus I don't bother with eyeshadow anymore. Maybe if I could find my own makeup artist friend that could teach me how to apply it correctly and choose the right color I might start.

Do they sell stuff to make foundation stay on? I'm tired of my crappy skin showing through by 11am!

Heather B said...

ooh, I definitely need a friend like that. Keep posting us advice from her.

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