Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Death with a Side of Fries

What would you eat for your last 3 meals on earth?

I know this question is a bit morbid. Who cares? Humor me. I was thinking about this while I was out on the road yesterday. I think it started when a motorcyclist nestled himself in my blind spot. Luckily, before I changed lanes, I did a triple-take. (Even while checking my blind spot, I couldn't decide if I was seeing the wrap on the window of the corporate vehicle I was driving, or another vehicle.) Anyway, that got me thinking about death. And I was hungry at the time. So, naturally, I was already thinking about food, which brings me back to my question of the day: What would you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the day before you kicked the bucket?

As for me...

Breakfast: Starbucks hot chocolate and a butter croissant. Not a Starbucks croissant or a Costco croissant. An actual French croissant, all crispy and chewy and flaky. Yum. Throw in a side of fresh fruit too. Merci!

Lunch: A tomato sandwich made with a big, juicy, garden-fresh tomato on whole wheat bread (toasted), with mayo, salt & pepper. And how about some sweet corn on the cob too, dripping with butter, and plenty of salt & pepper. To drink? I can't decide between a Diet Coke and chocolate Silk (soy milk). How about Diet Coke with the meal, and chocolate Silk for dessert? Yeah.

Dinner: For the appetizer, I'd like a Sunset Roll (crab & avacado topped with salmon sashimi, lemon, ponzu sauce & green onions), complete with a heavenly concoction of soy sauce, ginger & wasabi. Then, bring on the green curry with tofu! Yes, I realize I'm mixing Japanese and Thai in one meal. Is that a problem? I would like my green curry to be from Thai Garden in Holladay please. Then for dessert, two slices of pie. One lemon slice from Sandy's in Ogden, and one slice of my own dark chocolate pie.


Your turn!


Emily Ortiz said...

Wow, this is a hard one. I just love so many foods! But lets see here:

Breakfast: V8 juice, blueberry pancakes from Cracker Barrell w/ blueberry syrup, and a fresh warm scone with honey butter. Do you see all the breaded items in one meal?

Lunch: A cheeseburger from In-n-Out, Fries from McDonalds, Fry sauce from Artic Circle, and a Diet Coke with lots of crushed ice from Sonic.

Dinner: Too many choices!!! But something that comes to mind would be Spaghetti with tomato and mazithera (spell?) cheese from Spaghetti Factory with their bread too, and some Godiva cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! Yummy!

Bretzing Fam said...

Mimi's Pane Perdue and their huge glass of O.J.

Lunch: Olive Garden's Salad, Bread Sticks, & Fettechini Alfredo. & The creamy drink they serve with Strawberries and almond extract. MMMM. (I hope that wasn't a temporary special because I am planning on ordering it again.

Dinner: Benny Hana's tepanyaki grill. Shrip Steak & Chicken!

Well, I guess I like to eat out...what can I say then I am not slaving over a stove on my last day!

Jill Johnson said...

Wow. You really put a lot of thought into this. I love almost everything I have ever eaten. so this would be too hard. I do agree sushi for one meal. The bonsai roll from Sushi ko. Mmmmm. Maybe I will go get it for lunch today.

Sarah Garner said...

You're way to healthy for my taste!

Breakfast: Harvest grain pancakes from Ihop with mounds of whipped cream and strawberries. Top that off with a glass of chocolate milk please!

Brunch snack: icecream. Doesn't matter what kind.

Lunch: hmmm.... Cafe Rio. Steak salad with no beans and vinegrette dressing. A vanilla coke to drink.

Linner snack: see above.

Dinner: Ruths Kris baby. a nice medium well done filet mignon, mashed potatoes, buttery asparagus and probably just water to drink. Top that off with a molten lava cake all to myself.

Bed time snack: see above.

mmmm i'm hungry!

Sarah Garner said...

....although if I happened to be living out my last days in Mexico (one can only hope) I will eat steak tacos for every single meal... plus some.

Agent Pepper said...

I just made myself two tomatoe sandwhiches a couple hours ago when I got home from school! They were delicious!

Every time I tell my friends about it though, they give me a weird look. I don't care who you are, tomatoe sandwhiches (if prepared correctly) are freaking DELICIOUS!!!

Heather B said...

This post is killing me! I am now craving about 19 different things.

Breakfast: Crepes with butter and powdered sugar, made by my mom.

Lunch: Papa John's Large pizza with light sauce, extra cheese, and pepperoni. I'd eat the whole thing.

Dinner: Filet Mignon and steak fries. And I agree with Emily. Fry Sauce from Arctic Circle.

Dang, I'm so hungry.

Heather B said...

Oh man, I left out Cafe Rio...can that be a snack? or dessert? Chicken burrito, enchildada style. TONS of pico.

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