Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something to Celebrate

Sunday was Father's Day. Last year, Dad was on my shit list and Tim wasn't a father yet (not even to a fetus), so there wasn't much celebrating on June 17, 2007. This year is different.

Dad is officially off the shit list!

He has cleaned up his act, and has an honest-to-blog job in place in the fall! He's going to be a 9th grade science teacher! Is that perfect for Mad Scientist Andy or what? I'm so happy for him, and his students. Before I even knew of this new position, I was enjoying the fruits of his labors. He has been substitute teaching at junior highs and high schools around Salt Lake for a few months, and he has been taking care of himself and his family. It's so great to have him in my life again. The real him. Not the drug-induced-coma him.

And now there is a new soon-to-be-father in my life. My man Tim! He received his first Father's Day gift this year. Golf balls. What else? Of course, I couldn't neglect to get the silly things because he had specially requested them. Twice. A man just can't live without his golf balls.


Agent Pepper said...

A man just can't live without his balls, period.

I'm sorry...I couldn't resist saying that.

Sarah said...

What a fantastic blog. It was insightful, it was fun... and you used the term "shit-list" appropriately. I can think of little more I could as for in a blog.

YOU even had PICTURES! I just started pictures yesterday... man, you have brought your A-game to this one.

Habs said...

Mei, I'm so glad to hear your dad is off the shit-list. Thanks for inviting me to your blog! We should get together soon! Love you.

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