Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sassy Lady

Tonight my siblings (minus Jake) and I took our Great-Grandma Bell out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. She's a firecracker, let me tell you! She is 29 1/2 (or 94?), and even though she can barely see anymore, she still has the best fashion sense out of anyone in the room. Here are just a few Grandma Bell-isms we enjoyed tonight:
  • When enduring our "25-40" minute wait in the hot sun, "Is this the only restaurant in town? Let's go to Burger King!"
  • "By golly!"
  • Regarding Michael, "When is he going to grow his hair out?" (He replied that he would if he could.)
  • Regarding the plentiful portion sizes, "This is why all the American girls are so dad gum fat!"
  • "For heck's sake!"
  • In reference to the noise level in the restaurant, she exclaimed that she would like to stand up and yell, "Everybody, shut your tater trap!"

1 comment:

Agent Pepper said...

I love Grandma Bell, she's so freaking funny!

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