Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

I have a pattern of behavior for Saturdays. It is my day to take my time, get some things done around the house, and take a nap if I so desire. (Yes, I realize this will change in about 6 months. I'm getting in all the napping I can now...) But I realized today that I always do the same thing. I have a small checklist of items that must be done, and then a small checklist of items that, at the beginning of the day I claim I will accomplish, but that I usually end up pushing back, back, back until the day is over. It is a sickness - a disease.

Mandatory To-Do List
  • Clean master bathroom & shower
  • Clean guest bathroom
  • Dust
  • Work out
  • Water and sing to prize-winning tomatoes
  • Get ready for the day
Optional To-Do List
  • Practice hymns for church tomorrow
  • Practice guitar for lesson on Monday
  • Make 2 loaves banana bread with 4 almost-over-ripe bananas
  • Tidy junk room (I feel like Mary Poppins when I say "tidy.")
Every weekend, Tim makes a list. He's very proud and protective of this Saturday List; all the items are always checked off by the end of the day. Literally. With a pen. But the beauty of my flawed system is that I never write my checklist down. That way, if I don't accomplish something, no one has to know... not even me! Make banana bread with the quickly-browning bananas? That can wait until tomorrow. Organize the room that has turned into Mei's junk room, but which will soon become the baby's room? Nah, I still have 6 months for that.

So, I urge you. If you're going to make a Saturday To-Do list, make it in your head.

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Agent Pepper said...

I don't have his number, or I would have tried texting him a long time ago. It was his sisters phone that he used to text me with, and I don't have it anymore.


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