Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mes Freres

I have trois freres. That's three brothers to you lay people. And the beauty about these three brothers is that they are so different from each other. I have a tattooed Marine brother Michael, a recently-returned missionary brother David, and a red-bearded gay brother Jacob.

My favorite thing about Michael is his laugh. It is just so joyful and contagious that I want to be around him all the time. He is also known for his verbiage; I love being surprised by his unexpected language. He uses words like magnificent. And if you ever have a chance, ask to see his awesome angel tattoo. It's beautiful.

David is very much a people person. He is a magnet, and everyone loves him. He spoke in church last week, and he had so many friends show up that the bishop finally had to stand up and announce that the meeting was about to start so David would stop shaking hands and take a seat on the stand. He is inclusive and funny, and you'll never be bored when he's in the room. Plus, he has a Jim Carey-esque dancing style.

Jake is my fellow redhead. Except his hair is fantastically red, and mine is just reminiscent of the red that it used to be when I was a kid. Lately, he has been emphasizing his flaming hair by growing it on his face too. Jake dares to be different - to have a different opinion, and to share it freely. I always know that I can go to Jake with a question and get a straight answer. No need to sugar-coat things. But when he breaks into a smile, my heart melts. His eyes squint a little and his big ol' Johnson lips smile big. I love it.

Isn't diversity wonderful?

P.S. That's my little sis on the right. She doesn't belong in this post, as I'm talking about my male sibs. But I'd still like to say hello. Hi Sis!

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Agent Pepper said...

Well hello to you too Meili!

I hope after this post I get a whole post to myself because I am your one and only sister, and let's face it, the best of the bunch.

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