Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today I wore a skirt. A sassy, leopard print pencil skirt with black lace overlay. 

But the only thing that anyone noticed is my growing belly. The thing is, I am happy that my belly is growing. It's something to celebrate, and I'm not ashamed that I can no longer button anything. But when my coworker pointed at my tummy and said, "Oh! I can see your belly!" I became bashful and grabbed a notepad to hold strategically in front of my torso. What is the proper thing to say to a pregnant chick about her expanding waistline? I don't think it's necessary to ignore it. My condition is top of mind for me a lot of the time, and the beer belly is definitely a new look for me, so it's inevitable that people will stare once in a while. I mean, even I stare at other preggos, usually to discern how they are making clothes look semi-fashionable. So here is my question to you: what is the appropriate jargon for addressing the presence of a preggo belly?

Also, I find myself saying anything but the word pregnant. I just don't love the sound of it. Preggo works sometimes, as does preggers. And I've even been known to utter the words knocked up, in the presence of my mom and grandpa, who both looked a little offended. (I like to say things just to offend my mom, so that one was mostly for shock value.) When I say I'm expecting, I sound like my mom, which we all agree, is the very thing we girls try hardest to avoid. (No offense, Mom. Oh wait, didn't I just say that I like to offend my mom? I'm confused.) What's your favorite substitute for the word pregnant?


Emily Ortiz said...

Meili! I'm SO happy you have a blog now! Just in the two posts you have done you have become one of my favs to read. You are so cute and fun!

So question #1: I don't ever say anything to a prego lady unless I know FOR SURE she is prego! And then I just tell her how cute her belly is! No matter how well you know the person it's exciting and fun.

Question #2: I'm with you I don't really use the word pregnant. I always say prego. Pregnant just sounds so blah doesn't it? Spice it up a little with prego or preggers or like you said knocked up!

And keep the posts coming, you make me laugh!

Brett and Sarah Garner said...

First of all, you are a cute, sassy little prego lady!

Okay, so I don't normally comment on pregnant bellies. No matter how "cute" they are I do know what it feels like to be in the prego shoes and how it feels like the whole world is just gawking at your ever expanding midsection. Makes you almost miss the days when people would gawk at your cleavage area... wait what's that like?! ANYWAY my point is I usually don't comment on pregger bumps, but you just looked so cute today! It was the first time I could actually tell that there was a bun in your oven! Okay I got that off my chest and I will never again comment on your tummy until I have first told you how ravishing your outfit is or how cute your newly painted toe nails are! ;)

As for preggie verbage, when I am actually speaking I usually say pregnant, but when I am typing I almost always write preggo. It probably has to do with the fact that Brett cannot stand the term preggo, so I stopped SAYING it for him. However the word PREGNANT is just soooo long to type... but you can't go wrong with knocked up!

I'm so glad you have a blog!

Katie and Todd said...

Meili you are prego? Wow when are you expecting?

Don't worry I hate the word pregnant also, and I have 5 days left until my daughter Averi is born.

I am so excited for you and Tim. Keep me updated.

Welcome to the blogging world!

Diane D. said...

Hi Meili! I'm excited that you are doing a blog now, and congratulations on the pregnancy! Sorry I'm not returning the favor with my own blog (haven't given in yet) but I will try to comment every now and then.

I was so excited to tell people when I was pregnant but found it REALLY hard to actually say "I'm pregnant" so I'm glad I'm not alone in that. I've gotten a little more used to it now. I don't know why it's such an awkward word.

As far as belly comments, once you actually are getting big I thinks it's nice to hear lies like "you don't look big at all!" But at the same time, I don't get offended when people comment on my big size because I know it's not the normal me.

dwindley said...

My mom would use the term "P.G.", which stands for Pregnant Girl. I think that stems back from the days when the word "pregnant" was only whispered. Lame!

How about something such as "bun in the oven" or "pea in the pod"? Too cheesy?

I think the Bible refers to pregnancy as "with child" could go that route.

How about one of those big maternity t-shirts that say BABY ON BOARD? Then you wouldn't have to say a word.

Heather B said...

Yay Yay Yay Meili, for starting a blog. Time to start posting belly pics every 4 weeks!

I can't really think of what we say, I don't say pregnant much, I do say that I have a baby on the way. In fact, I say that all the time. I've heard people say a "bun in the oven", (and believe me, you'll feel like an oven very shortly) but anyway, who knows, good luck though.

Megan said...

I say it with a spanish flare- preganante. Remember Grandpa said pregnatious.

Brit said...

I can't bring myself to say "pregnant" just sounds so clinical and sterile. I usually say something like "we're having a baby" or something lame. and I HATE when people tell me how "cute" I look. Come on, people! no I don't! My abdomen is swollen, I'm 20 lbs overweight, and my toes are like sausages!!!

On a lighter side, I saw a tshirt the other day that said "Pregnant, not fat"...I'm contemplating buying it....

Bretzing Fam said...

Sorry , I know this post has been well commented on, but I had to say I am sorry about my obvious attempt to tell you, you looked cute on Sunday, when I was totally thinking how cute you are when you are "with child" (I love the biblical term though I would never actually use it refering to me). I was actually thinking, you are a very classy dresser, and I am going to watch closely and take notes for my next pregnancy, since I tend to get a tiny bit fru fru in my attire when I have "a bun in the oven" Good luck with your quest to find the appropriate way to refer to the baby bump!

Sally said...

"Prego" is spaghetti sauce and therefore kind of bothers me. I'm not too picky about it, however I usually personally prefer the clinical terms for everything (including penis)... Why dress it up? It is what it is. So it's usually "pregnant" or "having a baby" for me!

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