Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Best Job In The World

Sometimes I can't believe how fortunate I am. I get to do THIS all day! Now, if someone could please give me my paycheck...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poor Little Dragonfly

We have seen an unseasonably wet June here in Utah. On Sunday, I was downstairs when I heard repetitive banging over the baby monitor. At first, I thought the punk had found his rhythm in his sleep, but then I realized it was hailing. I went upstairs to watch the storm and noticed this poor little guy hanging on for dear life to the screen on our kitchen window.

I was so concerned for this little insect that I actually felt like crying. I stood there through the storm to make sure he didn't get hit by a giant ball of hail. I must be a mother. I never would have had this much sympathy for a bug a year ago.

Monday, June 22, 2009

So Let It Be Written

... So let it be done!

Apparently, when a person wears a phrase on his shirt, it comes true! I found a tiny bottom tooth poking through the punk's gums today. This was after I dressed him in this shirt.

He looks pretty happy to have his first tooth, don't you think?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are mean parents. When the punk tries to tell us how he's feeling, we laugh. When he gets overexcited and fails to remain upright, we laugh. He has a rough life ahead.

P.S. My man took this video with his phone, and I don't know how to rotate it. If watching it gives you a crick in your neck, you may bill my insurance.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Things I Think About

Dear Sally Hansen,
Here is a picture of your so-called "No Chip 10 Day" nail polish on day 5. I would like a refund. You may send the money, along with a Snickers bar, to me at home via next-day delivery. Thank you.

Everyone in Utah seems to have these mushrooms in their yards thanks to the awesome rainstorms that have visited us over the last week. My question is, why do they grow in a circle formation? It's a little freaky to me. It makes me think of aliens for some reason, perhaps because they remind me of crop circles? It may also have to do with my recent dream about UFOs that looked like bats descending in a circular flying pattern, but ended up being birthday cards that came in through my window.

This is my view from the driver's seat. Every once in a while, I glance back and see one eye looking back at me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

People Are Weird

A few days ago, I had another Mama Bear Moment. I walked into my friend Shanel's salon, carrying the punk in his baby carrier with a blanket over the top because I was hoping that he would stay asleep for the duration of my hair appointment. As I walked in the door, I passed a lady who looked like a wet cat. Small frame, big eyes, and with hair and skin the same color yellow. She immediately turned to me and said, "Make sure to give that baby some air! That's a heavy blanket." It's a good thing I hadn't followed through with my original plan of covering the carrier in plastic wrap!

I sat down to wait for Shanel, and Cat Lady sat down in the chair right next to me. I had only had time to blink when suddenly, she was reaching her paw out to lift the blanket. I almost slapped her hand away, but instead, I said, "He's taking a nap, and I'd like him to stay asleep." She looked as if I HAD slapped her, but I didn't care. I could even hear him making waking sounds, and feel his little feet start to kick, but I wasn't about to lift the blanket now and subject my little guy to Cat Lady. She would probably want to hold him and nurse him and take him to live with her in a van down by the river. So I rocked the still-covered baby seat while she babbled unceasingly until Shanel was ready for me.

She asked me how old he was, his name, where I grew up, where my husband grew up, how long we had been married ("Oh, you waited 6 years to have a baby?"), if we had traveled before having the baby, and how we had met. When I told her we had met on a blind date, she proceeded to tell me about the "50 couples" she had set up on successful blind dates and her theory that sometimes couples are destined to meet by the hand of someone else. By the time Shanel had finished her previous appointment, which only took about 3 1/2 minutes, Cat Lady was jabbering on about how Scotland and Ireland are her favorite European countries because she owns the keys to several castles where she can talk to ghosts.

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