Saturday, April 13, 2013

12of12: April 2013 (Friday)

[click on the block of photos to enlarge]

1. Bed head. (Can you see his Alfalfa tuft? It was glowing in the early light.) 2. Duet. 3. A collective effort to keep the basher from bashing too early. 4. Maybe my favorite picture of us together. Location: my bed. Task: waiting for my curls to set.

5. Mine. I don't share this stuff. It's too good for boys, big or small. 6. Dirt and climbing. What more could two hooligans ask for? 7. Helping Dad. (Last week, this was a cement patio and rotting railroad ties. Now, dirt and boulders.) 8. Della's 6th birthday! At the party, they decorated kites, blew colored bubbles, and ate cake.

9. Spring is here! 10. Punch Drunk (the name of my Urban Decay lip color). 11. My date. 12. We attended The Little Mermaid by the Children's Ballet Theatre at Kingsbury Hall. The punk thought it was totally awesome. Lily Jo and Poppy, you were magnificent!
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