Tuesday, March 12, 2013

12of12: March 2013 (Tuesday)

Today was the first warmish day since the snow started falling and forgot to stop. Much of the white stuff has melted, and the green/brown grass beckons. I realize that only 2 of my 12 pictures do not contain one or both monkeys, but with my man out of town, my days are absolutely full of boy. 

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

1. Drawing in the car. 2. The boys had a grand time at Grandma's house while I attended my weekly meeting. 3. Laughs at lunchtime. (I was singing The Rain In Spain. The boys thought it was hilarious.) 4. I drive by this rock wall every once in a while and always think it's beautiful. It must be decades old. 5. While the punk was at preschool, the basher and I played outside for the first time in MONTHS! It felt so good, I almost cried. Really. 6. While the basher napped, I devoured the first 9 pages of a new book, along with coconut shrimp tacos. 7. Quiet time with salt water taffy in the cheek. 8. Work for The Gifted Music School, Strings of Elegance, and my personal music studio. (Sometimes I forget that maybe I am a working mom.) 9. My first student didn't show, so I taught the boys how to play tag. How is it that we've never done this before? 10. Daylight Savings Time is tough. Lots of tears today along with the giggles. 11. Seriously. Is there anything cuter than this? 12. Storytime: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (the basher's choice) and The Pokey Litttle Puppy (courtesy of the punk).
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