Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12of12 on 12/12/12 (Wednesday)

Today is 12/12/12 and here are my 12 photos to document it. For having only 2 things on my calendar, one of which being, "make dinner," I sure found a way to fill the day full of stuff!

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

 1. This little peanut had us up from 2-4 am last night with intermittent sobbing. I went in his room 3 times to comfort him and every time, I'd crawl, shivering, into bed, start to nod off, and there he'd go again. Now he's all bed head and adorableness, like nothing ever happened. 2. We found Rudolph (aka Rudy), hanging with the lambs and a donkey. 3. Preparing for the punk's 4th birthday. He's having a party on Friday, and each child will get to paint his/her own apron, then make a personal pizza. My talented and generous mother in-law sewed these for me and my sister in-law and I painted the names. 4. Story time. 5. We lasted 15 minutes in the story room before the basher escaped and I gave up. 6. We met Tia Paula and our friend Ella at the City Creek food court for lunch. She and the punk are so cute together. 7. Then we visited the hot new market in town. It was smaller than I had expected. 8. The basher's favorite book before nap time. 9. I am finally running again and it feels awesome (in the sore muscles, clear head kind of way). 10. Dinner and scriptures. Did you notice that we have 2 extra kids around the table? Tonight, we got a taste of what 2 sets of twins would be like. 11. My man and I dropped all four blond boys at the church for Santa's Night Out, sponsored by the young women in my ward. I should have folded laundry, but I read a book (Pride and Prejudice for the 4th time) and munched on Candy Cane Joe Joe's instead. Time well spent. 12. Bokeh christmas tree.
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