Thursday, December 12, 2013

12of12: December 2013 (Thursday)

On the 12th of each month, I post 12 photos to document my day.
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1. Intervals on the bike. 2. Calvin built the planetarium, as imagined in his own mind. He's excited to visit the planetarium tomorrow for his 5th birthday. 3. Asher with a Squinky on his tongue. He calls it his "oinky guy." 4. Blow dry.

5. With Calvin at school, Asher helped me with the groceries. 6. Assembling party favors during nap time. 7. Picking up Calvin from preschool. He was excited to show me the candy house that he made. 8. It gets dark so early these days!

9. Teaching Bella from the comfort of my rocking chair. 10. Their dad got home from his business trip today, so naturally, it's wrestle/football time. 11. Bombay House for a late dinner with… 12. My cousin and best friend. Happy (late) Birthday, Brooke! I love your guts!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12of12: November 2013 (Tuesday)

On the 12th of each month, I take 12 photos to document my day. Tuesdays are my busiest day, and today was no exception. It was full - of goodness.

1. I ran a marathon 2 months ago. I finally laced up my running shoes again this morning to complete 3 miles. I've missed those endorphins. 2. Porter's first piano lesson. 3. The boys made sock puppets at Grandma Lynn's house while I attended my weekly business meeting. 4. Sushi in a rocking chair on the deck in the warm sunshine. Utter bliss. It was a gorgeous day.

5. Asher's wide smile just kills me. What a pleasant kid. 6. A truck, some leaves, and some shoes. 7. A rare moment to practice. It didn't last long enough. 8. Calvin and I got to bring Aliya home from school with us today. Their classes did the same art project. I can't count how many hugs they exchanged this afternoon. Best buddies.

9. Aliya ran into the house to tell me that Calvin was stuck in the tree. He was indeed. (I laugh every time I see this photo. Calvin was laughing too until he realized I was taking pictures.) 10. Tim knocked the last apples out of the tree with a soccer ball and took immense pleasure in eating "the best apple of the season." He's happy, I promise. 11. Practicing the violin with Esme, my smart little freckled friend. 12. It's been over 9 months since I attended my yoga class. It was so good to be back.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

12of12: October 2013 (Saturday)

On the 12th of each month, I post 12 photos of my day. The 12th of October was full of music.

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1. Gifted Music School. 2. I popped in to Gourmandise to grab a quick breakfast while running errands. My hot chocolate tasted like Hershey's. I should have stuck with Les Madeleines. 3. Back to work. Here, the bassist and violin soloist work through their very cool duet during the Piazzolla (Primavera portena). 4. A peek into Studio 1: more rehearsing.

5. Piano through harp strings. 6. My steering wheel was covered in Philly cheesesteak, but I stand by my choice for lunch on the go. 7. Fingerless gloves and sunglasses. It was a gorgeous day for a mountain wedding. 8. Gigging at Snowbasin with Strings of Elegance.

9. My turn to host the girlies for our monthly babysitting swap. Best arrangement ever. 10. Watercolors. 11. Three friends, six stuffed animals, three blankets, three treats, and Mary Poppins. 12. Yes, my man still sleeps under his childhood blanket. (So do his brothers, who have the exact same blanket. So I've heard.)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

12of12: September 2013 (Thursday)

1. Breakfast. In order to prevent the basher from using his shirt as a napkin, I've removed the temptation. He eats shirtless now. 2. The view from behind the piano chair. My dad made this chair for my mom as an engagement present. 3. Breakdancing. What else? 4. Preschool in the rain. 5. My completed marathon training schedule. 403 miles down. My first marathon is in 2 days! 6. I'm enjoying what my bangs are doing these days. 7. The punk loves it when the Mahers come for their piano lessons. He gets to commandeer one of them while her sister has her lesson with me. 8. Tricycle and bare feet 9. My newest piano student, Lauriannah. She is delightful. 10. Dinner! Turkey with mozzarella, basil, cheddar, and honey dijon, and homemade tomato soup. 11. Bedtime routine 12. Folding laundry: undies for a tiny bum.

12of12: August 2013 (Monday)

1. Grocery shopping 2. Discovery Gateway's tiny house 3. Discovery Gateway's vegetable garden 4. Working during quiet time. This is the front of my very pretty accordion folder. 5. Tomato soup for dinner 6. I love having my own basil plant 7. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 8. My bun is almost bigger than my head 9. I tried to take a couple photos in my grandpa's hallway mirror, but this accidental shot turned out to be my favorite 10. My grandma and grandpa hosted the Gifted Music School (whose full scholarship division I manage) for a concert in their home. We were preparing for our first tour, which is why I didn't get around to posting August's 12of12 for a month. Busy, busy! 11. My brother and his lovely girlfriend Paula came to the concert. Afterwards, they told me that they GOT MARRIED two days before! We are all so happy! 12. Valley lights.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

12of12: July 2013 (Friday)

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1. I dropped off the punk and his two girlie friends at their music camp, then grabbed a delicious breakfast at Les Madeleines: Gran biscotto ham, white cheddar and a fried egg on whole wheat toast and dark hot chocolate. I was hoping for a ham & cheese croissant, but they don't make them on Fridays. 2. There are few things better than summer rain. 3. Flying paper airplanes with the basher. 4. Maple honey turkey. 5. The Rent Collector by Camron Wright. Its setting is a garbage dump in Cambodia, but it is a lovely story of hope. 6. Sending out the last couple bridal shower invitations for my baby sis. 7. I love the punk's curls. They are especially cooperative right after his nap. He's a sweaty sleeper. 8. A gluten-free dinner for our friend Della. Quinoa pizza bites and yippit. (We dip it in the yippit!) 9. Bubbles and a movie on the grass with the girlies. 10. The four kids played so well together that my man and I spent a good hour conversing on the deck. 11. Bedtime story. 12. Goodnight, Salt Lake City.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12of12: June 2013 (Wednesday)

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1. 101.8 degrees. When the basher gets a fever, his parents get nervous. After a severe febrile seizure last year, which resulted in an ambulance ride, ER, ICU, and 4 days at Primary Children's Hospital, we don't like it when he gets warm. 2. Breakfast parfait: Special K Protein, Nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and berries. Yum! 3. Still life: laundry. 4. Waiting for Grandma Caryn to take him to swimming lessons. The basher stayed home with me to work on that fever. 5. When my man's out of town, I have to face the dreadmill. 6. After swimming lessons, my mom joined us for lunch... 7... and play time. 8. The Bible. 9. Coloring on a box. 10. I'm still trying to convince the punk that bees are not out to get him. 11. I enthralled the punk with my grass-whistling skills. He thought the trumpet/duck sounds were hilarious. 12. I love that he loves to read.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

12of12: May 2013 (Sunday)

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1. Week 3 of marathon training. 8 miles this morning. 2. Church with Calvin. Asher stayed home with his dad, who was recovering from yesterday's stomach bug. The Young Women taught the kids in the primary, so I had the day off! 3. Our dual effort during sacrament meeting. 4. Location scouting for Little Sis's engagement photo shoot: Wheeler Farm. 5. Aunt Rachel. 6. Grandma Lynn. 7. Hugs. 8. Ahhhhh... grass. 9. Reading on the new deck 10. A bud in David & Natalie's front yard. 11. Aunt Natalie fashioned a swing out of a block of wood and a rope. 12. Happy Birthday (tomorrow), Uncle Davey!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

12of12: April 2013 (Friday)

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1. Bed head. (Can you see his Alfalfa tuft? It was glowing in the early light.) 2. Duet. 3. A collective effort to keep the basher from bashing too early. 4. Maybe my favorite picture of us together. Location: my bed. Task: waiting for my curls to set.

5. Mine. I don't share this stuff. It's too good for boys, big or small. 6. Dirt and climbing. What more could two hooligans ask for? 7. Helping Dad. (Last week, this was a cement patio and rotting railroad ties. Now, dirt and boulders.) 8. Della's 6th birthday! At the party, they decorated kites, blew colored bubbles, and ate cake.

9. Spring is here! 10. Punch Drunk (the name of my Urban Decay lip color). 11. My date. 12. We attended The Little Mermaid by the Children's Ballet Theatre at Kingsbury Hall. The punk thought it was totally awesome. Lily Jo and Poppy, you were magnificent!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

12of12: March 2013 (Tuesday)

Today was the first warmish day since the snow started falling and forgot to stop. Much of the white stuff has melted, and the green/brown grass beckons. I realize that only 2 of my 12 pictures do not contain one or both monkeys, but with my man out of town, my days are absolutely full of boy. 

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

1. Drawing in the car. 2. The boys had a grand time at Grandma's house while I attended my weekly meeting. 3. Laughs at lunchtime. (I was singing The Rain In Spain. The boys thought it was hilarious.) 4. I drive by this rock wall every once in a while and always think it's beautiful. It must be decades old. 5. While the punk was at preschool, the basher and I played outside for the first time in MONTHS! It felt so good, I almost cried. Really. 6. While the basher napped, I devoured the first 9 pages of a new book, along with coconut shrimp tacos. 7. Quiet time with salt water taffy in the cheek. 8. Work for The Gifted Music School, Strings of Elegance, and my personal music studio. (Sometimes I forget that maybe I am a working mom.) 9. My first student didn't show, so I taught the boys how to play tag. How is it that we've never done this before? 10. Daylight Savings Time is tough. Lots of tears today along with the giggles. 11. Seriously. Is there anything cuter than this? 12. Storytime: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (the basher's choice) and The Pokey Litttle Puppy (courtesy of the punk).

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12of12: February 2013 (Tuesday)

On the 12th of every month, I document my day with 12 photos. Welcome to February.
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1. Oatmeal with brown sugar & cinnamon and scrambled eggs topped with cheese 2. Rex D (the punk's Build-A-Bear treasure) has replaced Murrah Beth as his constant companion. 3. Special piano time with the punk. He's learning Itsy Bitsy Spider. 4. Addressing a valentine during my Skype meeting. My desk is a disaster.

5. The boys play at Grandma Lynn's house during my weekly meeting. The kitchen and master bathroom are under renovation, so the boys have an extra slick way to get downstairs. 6. I've made ghetto arm warmers for myself and several friends, so the punk demanded a pair as well. Now he's off to preschool. 7. The secret to great nachos is in the layering. 8. The basher and I read 4 books about snow before nap time.

9. Will we ever thaw? 10. My man took over parent duties so I could teach piano & violin and go to yoga class. 11. Esme and Vivaldi. 12. Therapy. (Yep, that's me attempting a forearm stand. One studio owner helped me get into position while her husband, the other owner, grabbed my camera. Have I mentioned how much I love The Yoga Center?)

Friday, January 18, 2013

12of12: January 2013 (Saturday)

All of my plans for January 12th fell through. We had two feet of snow dumped on us, so my morning plans at the Gifted Music School were cancelled. Then the basher decided to run a fever, so we were forced to cancel date night. This snowy day turned into lots of Wii and as much sledding as two little wussy boys can handle (about 25 minutes).

1. Homemade low-fat blueberry muffins 2. Sad sickie 3. Loving the Wii that Grandma Lynn & Papa Bob let us borrow (I have mixed feelings.) 4. J.K. Rowling kept me company during three miles on the dreadmill.

5. Leftovers for lunch (my fav!) 6. Snow prep 7. Cold ooops! 8. My man created a sledding track down the hill in our backyard, along with a walkway from the door to the track, and from the bottom back up to the top. After all that work, the basher went down once and the punk enjoyed 5 runs.

9. Lots of white stuff 10. Snowbeard 11. Icicles and sunset 12. Our sleek grown-up tub has turned into a kaleidoscope of primary colors.
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