Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

The punk has recently developed a fascination with names. Full names. His own, and those of his loved ones. He calls his daddy Timothy Michael Bell. His brother is Asher Junah Bell (or sometimes "Asher Basher"). When his dad teases him and says, "What you talking 'bout, Willis?", the punk says, "I'm not 'talking 'bout Willis!' I'm Calvin Timothy Bell!" He thinks his Uncle Davey's name is Davey Arthur Johnson Bell because everyone else's last name is Bell. But somehow, I have managed to keep my own name a bit of a mystery to him. Either he can't pronounce it, or, like an elementary school teacher who has no other identity to her students, I have no first name.

He calls me "Mama Johnson Bell."


Tara said...

Cute! It's good you have kept your name a mystery. All the other kids in Lily's Sunbeam class introduce their family as "Mommy, Daddy, etc." For Lily it was, "John, Tara, ..." It's first name basis around here, I guess :).

Maureen Olsen said...

Very Cute!! It is funny what kids pick up and how long they last. Elizabeth used to tell me all the time that I was Mean. For about a month Andrew and I would get mad and tell her that wasn't nice...until we realized she was saying my name.

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