Wednesday, August 10, 2011

B&A Backyard

This is what our backyard looked like in June. Cinderblock tiers and steps and a dirt/weed garden.

Then we paid a guy to do manly things.

Ta da! Rocks. A dirt ramp. A level dirt pad.

Then my man laid sod on the ramp, planted a few things in the rocks (more to come), and built an awesome swing set for the punk (and the future basher)!

There was, however, the small matter of the 16 sharp screws sticking through some places.

So even though it's against my religion, I went to a craft store. I bought wood blocks, wood glue, and wood pirate things. The punk helped me with the gluing. Et voilĂ !

Who wants to play?


Heather B said...

wow! love it! i love the craft store comment too. :)

Becky Youkstetter said...

This is amazing. When can I come over to play?

Emily Ortiz said...

We do! Love it! That looks like a ton of hard work. Turned out very nice.

Brit said...

us!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me when you're back in town. Looks amazing!

Presidential Players said...

Well done, Meili! Makes me want to move back to Utah and have a real yard!

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