Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friend, Foe, or Something Else?

Me: "Well my friend, you did such a good job at your swimming lesson today!"

Punk, noticing my choice of words: "My friend? Are you my friend?"

Me, after pausing to think that I am not supposed to be my child's friend; I'm supposed to be his parent. But this probably won't be a factor until his teenage years and then it'll be too late anyway. So to simplify things, I answered: "Yes, I am your friend! Are you my friend?"

Punk: "No. I'm not your friend. I'm your Calvin Boy."

So he gets it.

And now, here are today's swimming lesson videos for your viewing pleasure.

Diving Board

Back Float

Jumping Platform


Rachel said...

I'm still too scared to jump off the diving board. Go Calvin!

Presidential Players said...

Too cute! Way to go Calvin!

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