Monday, June 13, 2011

12of12: June (Sunday)

On the 12th of each month, I take 12 photos to document my day.
Hello June!

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

1. The punk's potty treats. He gets 1 for trying. No real success yet. 2. Marissa joined me outside during Sunday School to take a photo of our church building on the mountain. 3. The button on a chair in the mother's lounge at church. The basher and I spend 20 minutes on that chair every week. At a glance, the fabric is just an old, mute blue, but up close, I like the texture. 4. The punk has not yet learned that running in the hall is not reverent. 5. Sunday afternoon nap! 6. We now have a grassy slope instead of cinderblock stairs, and boulders instead of cinderblock tiers. 7. Please pass the dental floss. 8. While I was doing the dishes, I turned around to find that my man had put the basher's burp cloth (aka turban) on his head and given him a rattle (aka scepter). Is he a sheikh or a pharaoh? 9. While we were walking outside, I opened the patio door into the punk's forehead. Oops! 10. Three pairs of chicken legs. 11. Their epidermis is showing. 12. My man is leavin' on a jet plane... again. Gearing up for another week as a single parent.


kylee said...

sunday naps are the absolute best. especially when church starts at 9am. the chicken leg photo is to die for cute. it really is sad that lambda delta sigma is ending. it was a bit sudden, which makes it even harder. it was such a great program.

jenna said...

taking pictures at church... genius!

amy gretchen said...

sunday afternoon nap...beautiful shot!

love the shots outside and the this time of year.

Presidential Players said...

Love this! I am so doing it next year!

Also, love the picture of the button on the chair, because in the last 8 years of being a mom and being in countless wards, those chairs have been the same in every mother's lounge!

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