Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Hunting and Trampoline Jumping

As the only egg hunter, the punk enjoyed exclusive access to the field.

He had plenty of guidance from 3 uncles, 1 aunt, 1 grandpa, 1 grandma, 1 great-grandma, and 1 great-great-grandma.

A two year-old egg hunter is marvelous entertainment for three bachelors.

And his aunt and uncles have more energy to play than his tired parents. It's great fun all around.

While growing up, my cousin, who hailed from the east side of the valley, always looked up when airplanes flew overhead. I never noticed them. They flew over our house about every 3 minutes. Now the punk is the east-sider who notices the planes.

Uncles are fun.

1 comment:

Emily Ortiz said...

Love that last picture! Also your other posts...Basher is so sweet and I can't believe he is already a month old. Cute, cute family...

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