Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birth: A Photographic Story, Part 3

Part 3 of 3. Photos by Amy Gretchen

The most special part of the experience for my man and me was when the punk came in to meet his little brother.

He was so happy. (I have about 6 chins in this photo, but the punk's face is so precious that I don't care.)

He loved meeting his little brother. He is still as enamored by "Baby Asher" as he was at that first moment.

Two of my siblings came immediately to meet the basher: Rachel and David. I love you guys!

My parents were also there. They had been watching the punk while we were laboring at the hospital. They brought him to us and then my man's parents took him home to spend the night with them.

Isn't Little Sis beautiful?

This is Amy, my great friend and talented photographer. Thanks, Amy, for capturing this moment so beautifully!


Heather B said...

I LOVE all this, keep it coming!

Habs said...

You look great for just having a baby. I don't think I will look this good. In fact, I know I won't!

Brit said...

this makes me cry, it's so beautiful! I love the pics of extended family; your siblings who are now uncles and aunt, instead of just brothers and sister. So cool how babies bring us together and augment our roles. You are a great mom, Mei!

Presidential Players said...

Love these! He is just so adorable and seeing your boys together takes me back to when I had my second and how much I loved seeing them become brothers.

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