Monday, April 11, 2011

Birth: A Photographic Story, Part 1

Part 1 of 3. Photos by Amy Gretchen.

Watching my contractions on the monitor was so much more pleasant than feeling them. Hooray for epidurals!

The mirror's reflection.


I love my man's serene expression juxtaposed with mine. He is a man who knows his limits, and therefore did not even attempt to hold a leg or stand in the line of fire. I was happy to have his hand on my arm and know that he was beside me.

Here he is! This may be my very favorite photo ever taken. The fuzzy head, the chubby cheeks, the dark eyes looking right at the camera, his full lips. He's perfect.

I have several photos documenting what happened in between these last two images. Namely, THE BIRTH. They are so beautiful and intimate and incredible (and not at all scary or gross thanks to Amy's perfect camera position), and I am so happy to have them. However, they are too personal to post on a site like this. So if you are a close friend, I would love to share them with you next time you visit me at home. However, they will not be found on the world wide web.

1 comment:

Julie Carlile said...

I love the picture of "basher". She did a great job, how nice to have them to always remember that day!

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