Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Bubbles

Today we laughed in the face of the freezing temps. We donned warm hats, armed ourselves with a pink bottle of bubbles, and enjoyed the great outdoors.

Then we took a stroll through our neighborhood so mama could get her 40 minutes of cardio in. Stroll is a soft word. We live on a mountain. It was a hike. With a heavy jogging stroller and an ever-growing belly. And that's why I'm counting it for my cardio workout. The punk insisted on holding his bubbles the whole way.

We blew more bubbles again when we got home, until the punk noticed his hands were frozen. He asked for a hug, and we went inside and soaked them in a nice, warm sink.

Now the punk is soundly asleep, the snow is falling fast in large flakes outside my window, I have a hot chocolate in hand and Glee on my DVR. Excuse me while I die of bliss.


Emily Ortiz said...

Those are such cute pictures! Love them!

Lynn Bell said...

Looks like he's leaving the hat on - he's cute in it.

Kalina Duncan said...

Adorable pictures! Congrats on the BOY, and the bliss. Sounds like a perfect moment indeed. :)

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