Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday at the Ranch

The day ended as beautifully as it began: with the October sun perching at an angle through the yellow trees. Grandma Caryn sat at the river bank with the punk, handing him appropriately-sized throwing rocks.

Venna put her creativity to use by crafting a whimsical Princess Leia out of river rocks.

On our walk to the river, the three wild turkeys collected wild turkey feathers.

Before we found feathers, we passed the Lake of Shining Waters, as my cousin Megan and I used to call it when we were young Anne of Green Gables fans. (I think Aunt Karla is the one who planted the seed... of Anne and of naming the pond.) Could this view BE any more lovely?

Before we took our walk, I took advantage of a small but precious moment of "me time" before the punk awoke from his very short nap. I had brought my headphones outside with me, but couldn't resist listening the sweet song of the stream as it flowed underneath the bridge.

Before his nap, the punk took a moment of "punk time," wherein he sat on a rock and pondered... something. He didn't tell me what he was thinking about.

But it appears to be something mischievous, don't you think?

1 comment:

Heather B said...

I just LOVE that last picture of him with that cute smile on his face.

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