Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ready Set Run

My third Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay is in 2 days. I hereby present to you the top 10 reasons why I am ready to run!

10. Unlike my previous two Ragnar races, I will be in a women-only van! We will have tons of yummy food like homemade oatmeal blueberry macadamia nut muffins, homemade energy bars, and gourmet yogurt. This is going to be much better on the olfactory sense than taco flavored Fritos. Plus, we get to watch chick flicks in the van instead of endless reruns of oldschool He-Man episodes.

Ragnar 2006. Starting Line. Team: Superheroes For Kids.
(Sponsor of The Christmas Box House)

9. Our team name was brought to you by yours truly. Actually, it was my friend Brittany who came up with it during our trip to St. George, but I was in the room with her at the time, so I'm taking full credit. The Duodecad! (Meaning: a group of 12 things.) It's delightfully nerdy. We will each have our own t-shirt with our runner number on back. I am "Thing 11."

Ragnar 2006. Still happy.

8. I finally bought a running skirt!

Ragnar 2006. Breakfast. 2 legs down, 1 to go.

7. After each of my other two Ragnar races, I immediately got a migraine. I just had one last night, so I declare myself free and clear of all migraines for at least a month! (Migraine gods? Are you listening? Hello?...)

Ragnar 2006. Waiting to cross the finish line.

6. My lovely mom-in-law burned a copy of Glee's 3rd volume for me. Oh yes. Running tunes? Check!

Ragnar 2006. Finished!

5. I have been seeing the Ragnar logo all over the freeways and side streets of Salt Lake; it's time to get me one-a-those! I want to show my love(?) for running... on the window my car.

Ragnar 2007. Blissful beginning.

4. Besides my 11 teammates, I have 7 other friends running this thing (that I know of). It's incredible to be part of a community like this. A community of freaks!

Ragnar 2007. Still happy.

3. I bought a new sensor for my Nike+ so once again, I know my distance, pace, and time. With the help of my fabulous morning running partner, I have been running consistently under 9 minute miles for the past 2 weeks! Ever since I really started running about 4 years ago, I've been a 10 minute mile girl. So this recent increase in speed is very exciting for me.

Ragnar 2007. Kill me now!

2. A couple weeks ago, Ragnar announced that, as part of the new safety guidelines, headphones were banned from the race course. Gasp! There was such a huge backlash that, a couple days later, they reversed their decision. Headphones are back baby!

Ragnar 2007. Just keep running!

1. This is the first race I am running since the punk came into my life. My first race as a mama. If nothing else, I am just excited for a night away with the girls! (But maybe for my next night off, I'll go for a pedicure and sushi instead of a 24 hour race with a sweaty body, grumbly tummy, and little-to-no sleep.)

Ragnar 2007. Finish line!
Can I get a what what?


Rach said...

What what!!!

Diana W. Windley said...

Wave to the Windley family when you run thru Mountain Green!

Becky Youkstetter said...

This blog post brings back a lot of good memories. It almost makes me want to run it again. Almost - I just did one over the weekend and I am still recovering.

You are going to be awesome girl!

1. It's all about the running skirt
2. Under 9 min mile? You are my hero
3. Hot hot mama!

Heather B said...

What what! You are for sure ready. Sounds so great!

Brit said...

what freakin' what! I'm rooting for the Duodecads! You'll be awesome! And, can I join you for your pedi/sushi GNO???

Julie Carlile said...

Good luck you will do great. My neighbor is running it as well she had an article written about her and her mother who just died from cancer in the Tribune. She raised a bunch of money with her group for the American Cancer Society. I think you guys are amazing to run this. :) Enjoy your day away from the punk.

Megan said...

Under a 9 minute mile-awesome! Good luck!!
I'm pretty jealous your running a race this weekend-I'll probably be eating brownies:)

Shelly said...

Good Luck!

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