Friday, April 30, 2010


Last weekend, we spent four glorious, sunshiny days in St. George with our friends the Gardners. We enjoyed lots of treats.

And we spent hours on the playground just outside our condo.

The biggest moment of the trip was when the punk finally stopped crying and clinging, and realized the kiddie pool wasn't so scary after all. This took hours of therapy, but he was eventually able to blow bubbles and throw a ball around like the happy kid we expected him to be in the pool.

He continued the fun and exciting game of showing off his knowledge of body parts. No, not those parts. The parts on his face. "Nose."

My man had the brilliant idea of visiting Snow Canyon and the sand dunes (petrified, and not).

The punks had a wonderful time in the expansive sandbox that Mother Nature provided just for them.

The punk had so much fun hanging out with his lady friends A & D. He asked for A every morning, including the morning after we got home. He just loved having two other punks to be with, and it made me look forward to the day that he'll have his own little bro or sis. (No, this is not an announcement.)

The weather was lovely and hot, and our friends were the perfect kind of travel companions. It was a wonderful way to welcome spring into our lives. And it's been snowing continuously in the three days we've been home.


Heather B said...

Oh St. George...gotta love that place.

Julie Carlile said...

Don't you just LOVE warm weather. We are in San Diego right now and have been loving it. I'm glad you had a great trip.

Brit said...

love the pick of the punk peeking through that circle in the playground! Definitely one of our more fun vacations. babysitting exchange=brilliant

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