Saturday, April 3, 2010

Staring Contest

I will now share with you a true story about my wonderful brother David, pictured here on the left.

Yesterday, David saved me from an afternoon of boredom by agreeing to meet the punk and me for lunch. We met at Gandolfos for some giant sandwiches. As we were enjoying our turkey, bacon, avacado & conversation, David got a curious look on his face. He was staring pointedly across the restaurant as he said, "Don't look now, but there is an entire table of people over there, staring at me."

He said that there were four people seated together, three guys and a girl, and all four of them were looking directly at David! He continued to look them in the eye while telling me that it was the weirdest thing he had experienced in a restaurant. He was having a staring contest with four complete strangers, a battle of wills. He was considering walking over there to ask what their deal was. He said it wasn't a hostile stare, but a continuous stare nonetheless. And he continued to meet their gaze.

Being a girl who isn't afraid of a little confrontation, I encouraged David to go over there and confront the foursome. (I probably would have tried to talk him out of it if he were actually inclined to do it, but don't tell anyone.) After a few minutes, he said they had stopped looking at him and that I could turn around and see who they were. I turned and looked at the table where four nice, normal, non-crazy individuals sat with their sandwiches. Then I looked back at David, and turned my view past him. And smiled.

"David," I said, "Could it be possible that they were looking at the TV directly behind your head?"

"Oh." He turned to see the TV behind him. "That would make more sense."

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Sarah said...

Who is the crazy person now, DAVID! (I love it)

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