Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Go Fly A Kite

My pal Brit and her two daughters and one niece joined the punk and me at the park near our house for some good old fashioned March kite flying.

When the rugrats tired of watching their guardians try to keep the kites in the air, we fell back on plan B: the playground.

The punk loves to try to keep up with his three older girlfriends. Usually, when he and I are at the park together, I hold his hand down the small slides and I go with him down the big slide. But this time, he asked me not to embarrass him in front of his lovely ladies.

I've wondered when he would be ready to go down the big slide without his mama. Now I have my answer. He is ready now. I just had to have the courage to let go.


Melodie said...

Rachel had the most wonderful time. I showed her the pictures and she adored them.

Brit said...

The kind of afternoon I live for!

Julie Carlile said...

Kambree loves going down the big slide by herself I am always nervous she will bonk her head though.

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