Monday, March 8, 2010

At The Park

Yes, there is still snow in patches on the grass, but it's March for goodness sakes! The month whose mascot is a kite. And kites are meant to be flown in parks. So that's where we went today (sans kite).

The punk has become much more mobile in the last few weeks. He has been walking for months now, but recently, he prefers running and climbing. As you can plainly see, his sweet face has been firmly planted on the ground much too often lately. The yellowish bruise on the forehead is from the bottom tile stair. There is a mostly-healed scrape on the eye socket on the other side from losing his balance when trying to pick up a pine cone and falling, eye-first onto the cement. And the two red scrapes on his nose are fresh today: carpet burns from diving off, first a banana chair, and then his police car toy.

He can now maneuver the stairs to reach the slides (as long as I'm nearby to catch the occasional misstep). He and I had much fun sliding down this double slide, side by side. His belly laughs were worth the price of a wet bum from invisible puddles on the slide.

The punk even took the time to learn about spacial relationships, i.e. which wood chips are too big to fit through the slots.

I think the little man would tell you it was a splendid way to pass a March afternoon.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my, is that the hoody we gave the punk? If cute to see on him.

Meili said...

Yes Elizabeth, it is! We love it.

Heather B said...

I love parks. Oh, and I love his cute rockin boots.

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