Monday, March 15, 2010

Indignity and Nail Care

This weekend, Little Sis and I indulged in mani/pedis for her 17th birthday. The first thing the small, busy, Vietnamese man said when we walked in the door is, "Pick your color." So, we headed to the shrine of nail colors, where I chose a blush pink and Little Sis chose a deep purple. As my pedicurist filled my tub, she took a look at the nail color I had chosen for my toes and said, "No. Too light." Apparently, I had chosen poorly. I replaced it with a bright, Easter purple.

Little Sis and I soaked our feet in the warm water and sighed with pleasure. Then, when Sister's pedicurist brought her feet out of the water, I pointed and laughed like a nice older sister. She looked like she was wearing bright pink socks that ended right where the water line had been. It's no secret that we Johnson girls have very pale skin. (Have I mentioned that my foundation is called Pale Ivory? It's true. It's the lightest shade available at the Estee Lauder counter. Seriously.) But perhaps Sister's water was a bit too warm. I laughed even more when the girl on the other side of Little Sis pointed out her pink socks. She could hide her freaky pastiness from no one.

Now finished with our pedicures, we moved over to the manicure stations for our short-lasting-and-indulgent French tips. While my lady was working on my cuticles, she mentioned that she could do my eyebrows for $7. While I appreciated the information, I didn't feel like getting my eyebrows waxed that day; besides, I usually just tweeze the strays. When I declined, she persisted, "But you need [it]!"

Little Sis seemed to be having a grand time with her manicurist. When we walked out together with our purple toes and French fingernails, she told me that her lady had asked her all about us: how far apart we are (12 years), and how old I am. When Rachel answered "28," her lady corrected her. "No! Twenty-two, twenty-three!" I guess if I am paying complete strangers to judge my color choice and eyebrows, they can make it up to me by giving back 6 years of my twenties.


Jill Johnson said...

You must go to the same place I do, oh wait, you live in Utah. They are all the same! I love when they start their deal of the day talk. You really aren't sure what your getting, but they are excited. I can't believe Rachel is 17!

Rachie said...

You better believe it! I'm 17 and loving it! And that day was a lot of fun. I love how they tell you that you're wrong. And why do they all wear those ridiculously high heeled shoes? My lady coul barely walk!

Julie Carlile said...

what a fun girl day, I wish I had a sister to spoil!

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