Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Taste of Ragnar

Ragnar was a success! (If you count vomit, intestinal problems, heartburn, nausea, sciatic pain, and exhaustion in the definition of success.) The Duodecad finished the 188 mile race across the back of the Wasatch Mountains in 35 hours 18 minutes. I am just beginning to sort through all the video footage. Here is a little taste of what Ragnar is all about.

But first, a little background. This is Terra (aka Rocky) running the most infamous leg of them all: Ragnar. This is what it looks like on the map:

That's an elevation gain of 1678 feet in 4.0 miles, on gravel. She's a rockstar. One more thing. Please don't blame my vocal teacher for this rendition of the Rocky Theme. No one can be held responsible for producing a lovely singing voice after 30-something racing hours and 2 hours of sleep.

More stories to come later. And yes, they will include vomit. You may want to reconsider visiting this blog in the future.


Megan said...

yum...I can't wait.

Brit said...

what an achievement! And btw, I love your widget that tracks what words you write about. And I love that "boobs" made the list! hahahahahahahahaha

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