Friday, May 21, 2010


The Punk and AG in St. George, April 2010

The punk had the privilege this week of securing a play date with his friends AG and DL. We spent some time playing outside on the grass and in the girlies' playhouse and new swing set. The most coveted toys were two long sticks that the kids found on the grass. Three year old DL stood her stick vertically in the grass and sang into it like a microphone stand. The punk used his to hit dirt.

When we were enjoying lunch, I was regaling Brittany (the girlies' mama) with a list of the punk's new words. I proudly stated that he can now say "thank you," "water," and "wet." Impressive, no? Just then, AG pointed to a puzzle shape on the table and said, "OCTAGON!"

Wa. Wa. Wah.

The punk would do well to spend more time with these geniuses. But I will have to warn him not to believe everything they say. It was actually a pentagon.


Brit said...

I'm dying!!!!! Actually laughed out loud at a rehearsal I'm observing...whoops.

Julie Carlile said...

You are so funny! I think the punk is doing great at saying his words! Kambree's favorite word is "no". She knows other ones but this is the one she says the most. Hopefully her vocabulary will expand soon.

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