Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Early Dose of Testosterone

The punk and I just returned home from an afternoon of pure bliss. This is the reason to be a stay at home mom. We were out running errands in Sugar House, so at lunchtime, we picked up some chicken nuggets and mandarin oranges, and a healthy salad for me (with a side of fries), and went to Sugar House Park to watch the ducks and geese. We relaxed on our blanket and ate until our tummies were satisfied.

Then, we posed by a tree for GQ Magazine.

And found lots of cool rocks and roots in the dirt.

Then we found some new friends. We had seen them at the pond with their own Wendy's bag, and then they ended up on the playground with us. When the punk saw the younger brother, who is his same age, he walked up and gave him a hug. They were instant buddies. While the younger two were climbing and gallivanting, I was talking to the boys' mom while she watched her older boy (about 4 years old) on the slide. We were soon joined by another boy about his same age.

This handsome little redhead initially seemed harmless enough, but soon he took control of the slide and began to assert his rights as slide dictator. When he called my new 4 year-old friend a "stinky head," the poor boy screwed up his face and started to cry. "Mom, he called me a stinky head," he said, his voice cracking. I looked in vain for this little terror's mom. Finally, as he was spitting at me through a long plastic tube, his nanny came up and told him that wasn't nice. He apologized to me and started playing nicely with the other kids.

While he was showing his new playmate how to walk up the slide with bare feet, I figured he had found his manners. Just then, he yelled, "Hey, do you think I have a big penis?"


amyfm said...

Oh dear! He must have older brothers.

Let's hope that whole exchange was missed on Calvin. Good thing he doesn't repeat everything he hears.

Lauren said...

HA!! You just made my day. My own 5yo is outside comparing gun size with his buddy. Toy guns, but nonetheless. Same thing.

McMillan Family said...

Haha the joys of boys why they love that word I have no idea. I hate the P word I can't say it I cringe when it is said so with each time I found out i was having a boy the doctor would say there are his brains. He knew how much i hated the P word love my doc.

Julie Carlile said...

Oh wow I am dreading the teacher who gets him later in life. I thought the p word might be you are pregnant. :) Everyone else has been announcing they are on their blogs. :) Love you.

Cathy Marlor said...

From looking at an ultrasound picture, my little guy has already compared his big "P" to his brothers little "P" - I thought it was cute. At least he hasn't made a "P" comment in public or on the playground...that would not be so cute!

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