Monday, May 17, 2010


The punk is adding new words to his vocabulary every day now. Among other things, he can now say "cereal," "truck," and "snack." One of the most recent additions to his repertoire is "poop." After he suddenly stops whatever he's doing and stands, red-faced, in the middle of the room, grunting and concentrating, he will involuntarily shiver and then look up with wide, blue eyes and helpfully exclaim, "Poop!"

The other day, he was in the other room wrestling with his dad. I heard the play stop and then my man whisper to him, "Go tell mama." A second later, the punk appeared at my bedroom door. He pointed to his bum and said, "Poop!" I yelled into the other room, "Nice try!" and heard a hearty burst of guilty laughter.

He also knows another word that rhymes with poop:



Heather B said...

haha! So cute how he says it over and over!

Julie Carlile said...

Very cute, He knows a lot of words. Kambree's favorite is to say, " no, no" and "stop it" to the dog. She even puts her hand up to the dog's face when she says it.

Shaneleee said...

He is so cute. Eating soup is so much funner than eating poop.

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