Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art Class

The punk comes from a line of artists. His dad once wore the title graphic designer; his Grandma Lynn is a wonderful photographer; his Great Uncle Nate gave us a beautiful bronze sculpture of a seedling for our wedding; his Great Grandpa Johansen painted the piece sitting behind him in our dining room.

So naturally, he enjoys these paints his Grandma Caryn gave to him.

Maybe too much?

Now I remember why we usually use crayons.


Diana W. Windley said...

Those paints must taste pretty good!

Tara said...

And the best part is his shirt says, "Always Hungry!" Love it!

Julie Carlile said...

Kambree got the same set from Grandma Carlile. They are so messy that I have to only let her use them if I am prepared to do a lot of clean up.

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