Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pet Peeves

Just because I'm feeling especially irritable today, I am going to converse with you about my top 4 pet peeves:

  1. Pregnant tummy touching. I think my need for personal space has actually increased since becoming a sacred vessel. Don't breach the perimeter! You might get an involuntary karate chop to the wrist!

  2. "RC Willey's," "Nordstrom's," "JC Penney's..." None of these stores actually ends in an apostrophe, s. Oh, and neither does your family's last name. Apostrophe, s indicates the possessive case. Not plural.

  3. Clueless drivers. This encompasses a whole bunch of behaviors, but mostly being unaware of everyone else who shares the road with you and/or not thinking ahead. Best to just stay in the right lane, out of my way.

  4. "I could care less." Just think about it for a second.

What are your pet peeves? Grammar snobs perhaps?


Bundy Family said...

You crack me up! Sorry I'm one of those belly touchers, but I always ask first. It is kind of alarming when you're grocery shopping and your belly all of the sudden has a hand on it. I don't think I touched a belly untill after Kassidy was born though, so maybe it is the mother in me.

Sarah said...

OOOH... I have pet peeves. AND will consider myself a grammar snob to all (even with horrible spelling).

1) On "The Bachellorette" snowboarder guy wrote on a pad "Your the ONE!" (Seriously? This is reason 114 I hate you.) Gross. I almost puked.

2) I have to agree "I could care less." I choose to say (just to point-out to people how wrong they are being) "I COULD care less, but it would take more effort so I am not."

3) Hanging parenthasis/quotation marks. I'll admit I've done it a time or two... but I've also spent many a minute looking forward in a book for the ending of a paranthetical or quotation mark.

4) "First Annual" anything.

5) Even people talking about strangers touching your stomach... seriously I'm going to start buying those shirts now.

stevecramer said...

I HATE "I could care less"!!!! I loathe that so vehemently! Look how descriptively I detest it!

Other candidates:

It's and Its
Your You're
random quotation marks
etc., etc., etc.

Must go meditate to relieve stress.....

And yes I did spell and grammar check this comment before posting.

Sarah Garner said...




Brit said...

biggest pet peeve at present: having a conversation with someone who can't take their eyes off my belly. hey, I know I'm preggo, but can you please look me in the eyes? And it's super bad when they try to do it if I can't see the fact that your eyes are darting between my eyes and my bulge! come on!

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