Friday, August 22, 2008

M&M Manual

How to Enjoy the Melts-In-Your-Mouth Goodness:

1. Turn all M&Ms right-side-up

2. Line up the M&Ms by color. The color with the greatest number goes on top and the smallest count is on bottom.

3. Now even 'em up! Eat the 4 pieces that don't belong. Get those intruders outta there!

3A. There is another way to go from here if the color counts are favorable. Notice there are 5 browns and 4 yellows. I could have then decreased the oranges to 3, reds to 2, greens to 1 and blues to 0 to create a nice right triangle. But this would have necessitated removing many more pieces at once than the above method, and I like to take as much time as possible to enjoy my treats. Therefore, we will move forward with the previous method.

4. Remove one column and enjoy. Because there are 6 colors, you get to choose if you'd rather eat them in 3 groups of 2 or 2 groups of 3. Ahhh, the beauty of 6. The best way to eat Peanut Butter M&Ms is to hide them under your tongue for a minimum of 60 seconds until the insides are warm, gooey, and ready to burst through their thin candy shells.

5. Remove another column for consumption. (I mean that in the put-in-your-mouth-chew-and-swallow way, not the tuberculosis-of-the-lungs way.)

Aren't math and chocolate beautiful? How do you eat your M&Ms?


Sarah said...

you have the awesomest blog ever. If my blog were half as awesome as yours, I would run for Releif Society President or something. (sorry, I just read Seriously So Blessed and it makes me overly cheesy).

When I eat skittles (because the best M&Ms, crispy, are hard to find) I do much the same things but use a "group" method (and put each color IN color-wheel order). Also, I find that if you crush them between your fingers first (releasing the inside-goodness!), they can be tasty AND a stress-reliever.

Heather said...

Since it is a battle over M&M's at our house, I have to eat them as fast as possible or else I don't get any and the whole bag has gone to two little munchkins!

Sarah Garner said...

You are a math major aren't you!?

confession: I'm not but I still like to even out the colors when I eat them!

For the peanut butter ones, I leave them on the dashboard for a while to warm them up.

Bretzing Fam said...

mmmmm...I am with Heather, I eat them as fast as they really come in different colors? I'll have to look next time! I usually open the bag, smell the chocolate and hear them calling my name....."Errriiinn". And then gobble them up. YUM!

Agent Pepper said...

I agree with Sarah on two things:

1. The crunchy M&Ms are the best! (So why can't I ever find them?

2. How to eat your Skittles and relive stress at the same time. Since I have a lot of stress by trying to maintain high school grades, I eat my Skittles like that.

: )

Brit said...

I prefer peanut butter m&m's to all others. And I usually bite them in half, just to make sure that there's really the good stuff in the middle. I also like to warm them up a bit; i'll have to try Sarah's dashboard method...sounds great.

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