Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reluctant Shopper Syndrome

I've reached the breaking point.

I haven't been able to fully zip, fasten, or button my pants and skirts for weeks now, but it's come to the point that some of my attire is refusing to budge at all. I try to reason with my skirts, "Come on now! Just a little zip? Please?" The baby doesn't live in my hip! But apparently the poundage that comes along with this little person likes to nestle in unnecessary places.

Now, I've never been a big shopper. I'll go on sprees every once in a while if I have a big wad of unclaimed cash lying around. However, I've never really been one to enjoy the chase. My fashionable sister-in-law is a total pro when it comes to putting in the time and digging deep to find the real treasures. The haute couture. I would rather just walk into the first store that pops into my mind (usually Express) and grab the stuff they want me to buy - you know, the raiment that they put on the mannequins in the windows. Sometimes I'll even peruse the sale rack for about 13 seconds before giving up.

So here's my point. I have held out for a while on going shopping for maternity clothes. Every time I walk by Motherhood, I want to gag. Mostly because gagging is a favorite pastime these days. But also because at first glance, that store just depresses me with its fuddy duddy knits and its apparent tribute to the mom jean. So I need your help. Where did you chicas find the best maternity vesture? (I used a thesaurus for that one. It means clothes.)

P.S. Sorry to you friends who have not yet had the pleasure of giving up your body as you know it to science. Or nature. Or whatever you call this. I guess you guys are out of the running on this one. Or maybe you should just give me advice on shoes!


Emily Ortiz said...

First is first, you have to face the facts that maternity clothes suck! There is really no where to buy cute stuff. Even if it is cute, you won't think it is because of how big you keep getting (no offense of course!) But I would try Old Navy. And Motherhood has stuff you just have to dig! Good Luck my friend! :)

Sarah said...

I have never had that awesome science/chemistry/baby experiement done to me. However, my friend Elisha bought a dress last time we were at Old Navy out of the maternity section. So it can't be that horrible, eh?

Also... this one time I bought a really cute shirt at *shudder* Burlington Coat Factory and, after looking at the tag following repeated wearings, I found out it was ALSO a maternity shirt. Although I must warn you that Burlington Coat Factory is not for the faint of shopping.

Bretzing Fam said...

I feel your pain, although now my clothes have gone from business casual (cute skirts and slacks to my trying not to have mom jeans) But it is very hard to keep stylin' while prego. Here are couple places...Mimi's Materninity....(I think at the gateway) They are more pricy and owned by the same company as Motherhood, but I found some cute stuff for work there when I was pregnant with Karly. Also this website had some cute stuff a little more expensive than motherhood, but the clothes that I bought through them lasted through both babies, and would a third, if they dont make me shutter when I dig them out for the next one. LOL I will let you know if I remember anymore. I know there is a cute store in Salt Lake but I cant remember the name...its always featured on Good Things Utah. Good luck, if anyone can look trendy and cute while pregnant its you!

Bretzing Fam said...

Ok, sorry I just remembered there is a website called too it lists other retailers that have maternity. And some gap stores have a maternity line....and they have everything they sell on line! Good luck again.

Agent Pepper said...

Here's some advice big sister. How about you come down here one of these days and you, me, and Adriana go shopping for some maternity clothes for you.

Now I know what you're thinking. You guys haven't been pregnent, you don't know about this stuff. Well. I beg to differ. Adriana is the shopping QUEEN! She can find the best bargins for ANY type of clothing ANYWHERE! It would be such a fun day. Let's just try it.


Brit said...

Mimi Maternity
Gap maternity
Old Navy
Target Maternity (some great stuff there!)

and hand-me overs....I've got a pair of super cute jeans comin your way if you want em; I can't fit any more....

also consider clothes that are one or two sizes too big; still fashionable, and gives you something to "come down" in, since not all the new weight is baby (darn it!)

Sarah Garner said...

I will have to ditto Mimi Me aterinity. I wanted to throw up sometimes because of the prices for something you won't be wearing for very long, but they really do have some cute stuff. Yes, Erin, it's at the Gateway. I also got a few cute things at Lerner NY, thanks to the mumu top fashion craze... I'm not a huge shopper either, but if you go to Lerner just walk to the very back wall where they have the super clearance items. I got several shirts for like $3 each...THAT'S more my kind of shopping!

I'll bring a few shirts over for you to try!

Good Luck!

Tara said...

My mini-maternity collection has come from all over. I second Old Navy. And once upon a time, I did get a cute pair of jeans and a maternity shirt at Burlington Coat factory. A lot of the empire waisted type non-preppo shirts work as well. Good luck!

Bundy Family said...

All the suggestions have been great. I've shopped Old Navy, Motherhood, and Target. Even JC Penny's and Khols has maternity I only bought a few items there. Here is my secret because I hate maternity clothes. You are small like me and this is your fist baby, I buy all my shirts from Target and Down East. I get the long stretchy kind and I'm still able to wear the DownEast shirts at 9 months pregnant. Unfortunetly you have to find maternity pants, but on skirts all mine are elastic so I wear them under my belly and wear long shirts. The lace tanks at DownEast also help to lengthen your shirts and cover your belly. I hate buying maternity clothes that you only wear for a couple of months and when you are pregnant again they are out of style. Good luck! Congrats on the boy!

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