Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Times

One of the greatest things about my life is this fact: I still keep in touch with friends I met when I was 4 years old. 

We grew up together in a time when it was okay to run out the door yelling, "Mom, I'm going to Melissa's," ride my bike down the street and play in the sprinklers in the front yard all day long. We would have picnics, play Barbies (Shanel had all the coolest stuff), and put on concerts... wait, maybe that was just me making my poor friends listen to me sing along with Mariah Carey. We would sport our stirrup pants, multi-colored rolled socks, and crimped hair while jumping on the trampoline or riding our bikes down to the school playground.

Here we are at Joyschool graduation on June 3, 1986. (Thanks Mom for dating the photo.)

Here we are at age 12.

And here we are at dinner this weekend. I just love that I have friends who have known me all my life.

1 comment:

Agent Pepper said...

I hope my friends right now stay with me through everything. I couldn't bare to let Adriana, Kenzie, or Kolbizzle go!

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