Thursday, July 3, 2008

The MORTifying Funeral

If you are prone to sympathy puking, please stop now. The rest of you may proceed with caution.

About 7 years ago, we were attending a funeral for my step-grandma's mom. (No real relation. We were just there for moral support and lunch.) In the middle of the service, we heard a noise that resembled a collective shout, grunt, and cry in the back of the chapel - someone was puking their guts out! We looked up at the clergy on the stand, and the bishop's eyes were wide open with terror. Then my brother next to me whispered,

"Oh great, someone else just died."

I burst into uncontrollable, silent laughter - the kind that shakes the entire bench! And couldn't stop for the rest of the service. Even now while I'm writing, I'm laughing out loud.

We found out later, it was a guy with Down Syndrome. And the way we found out was a revisitation of the vomit fairy, complete with projectile vomit in the middle of lunch. My dad was just about to dig into his slice of German chocolate cake... you know, the kind with gooey chunks of coconut in the frosting... and all of a sudden, the kid turned into a fountain right in the middle of the lunch room. His poor mom ran up and held a napkin to his mouth, which just made the chunks spew out on both sides.

German chocolate cake, anyone?

1 comment:

Agent Pepper said...

That was SO funny. I was sitting across Michael when the chunkage started to fly. You should have seen his face. HILARIOUS!!!

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