Thursday, July 17, 2008

Registry Research

It is time for me to start thinking about filling my rooms, my closets, and my life with baby stuff. Stuff that will jump-start the nesting process. Stuff that will inevitably invoke oohs and aahs from aunts, friends, and strangers. To tell you the truth, I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. There is just so much cool stuff out there, but I don't know where to get the good stuff! This is where you come in, my friends... yes, both of you.

What is your very favorite baby item? The thing that just knocks your socks off every time you use it? It might cost $5 or $500. You could have received it as a gift, purchased it for yourself, or bought it as a gift for someone else and secretly kept it. It could be an innovative bottle, a supersoft blanket, a user-friendly jogging stroller, a fashionable diaper bag with a million pockets... the options are endless my friends!

See, this is why I waited 5 years to get knocked up. So you experienced chicas can share your vast stores of wisdom with me. Go!


Sarah Garner said...

Hey... where is everyone? It seems like most people have billion pieces of advice when it comes to kids...wouldn't you say? :)

Okay... my favorite item I received was probably my diaper genie (although I never really got it out for Sami) It really does hold the smell of the nasty diapers in (it's designed so you don't open and close it to put diapers in) so that you don't have to walk ALL THE WAY to the garage. That's what I do now, and that's how I justify not working out anymore! :)

I also LOVE my little bouncy seat for new borns. Stick the kid in the bouncy seat while you do dishes make dinner, blogstalk... whatever... and voila you get stuff done, the kid is happy and they're right next to you so you don't feel TOO neglectful!

There's my two cents and humble opinion!

Heather said...

I will agree with Sarah...

Diaper Genie, we have a Diaper Champ and still use it. Also the bouncy chair was a life saver for us, until Spencer broke it, he was a heavy baby. I will also say that the containers for formula (unless your nursing) was fantastic. I couldn't go anywhere without it. Whoever thought of it was genius. No longer need to carry a whole canister of formula around, just fill the container with the right amount of formula for a 2, 4, 6, or 8 oz bottle and you are set.

Anyway, those are my fav's of course there are other things we couldn't and still can't live without but we wouldn't want to overwhelm you.

Brit said...

totally agree about the bouncy seat; Della hated the swing but would hang out on the bouncy seat for hours.

I'd recommend a cool mist humidifier, especially for your winter baby. The heat in your home makes the air dry and hard on baby's breathing. The humidifier takes care of that problem, but BONUS also creates a barrier of white noise so that when you turn it on and shut their door, they aren't distracted by what sounds are outside their room. Sometimes we still use it on Della so we can watch a movie and not wake her up (since there's not a lot of space between her room and the tv room).

Also, flannel blankets. Just get a big pack of 'em because they are great to wrap up baby, or work as a burp cloth, or as a cover for a germy floor, or to cover you up as you nurse, or as a set of clothes if you're out and baby messes his clothes!

Sarah Garner said...

Totally agree with the humidifier but here's a little warning, just my opinion though:

If your baby gets used to having "white noise" all the time they will never learn to sleep through noise. We never used anything and my kids have had to learn to sleep through anything.

The pros: I can vacuume, watch loud movies and pretty much do whatever I want without tippy toeing around all the time. Plus when we go on vacation they sleep great no matter where they are and I don't have to drag a humidifier or white noise machine around with me.

The con: It takes a while for them to "learn" to sleep with noise.... hence my other "can't live without" item: earplugs. If you can survive them crying themselves to sleep for a couple days to a couple weeks life will be a little easier! :)

Brit said...

like anything, a humidifier becomes a "security blanket" only if you let it. We used it in the winter months, and now Della sleeps fine without it. The white noise is just an added bonus.

Bretzing Fam said...

HMMMMM favorite items....I have never had a diaper champ or genie, because I cant stand the thought of loose poop in my so we walk it out to the garbage. Maybe for the next one! My can't live without items are only if you are breast feeding....Medela "Double Boober" breast pump, and "lili Pads" (coolest items ever known to man...well women.) Ask me next time we see each other, and I will explain in person....for the baby a million onsies.

Heather B said...

Wow, well first of all, I got some WAY helpful advice from bloggers about one year ago, and it helped out a TON. You can find that post here:
, or go into the May 2007 archives.

Now, that I've experienced a year of mommyhood, I would definitely second:
The baby bouncer. Invaluable the first 3 months.

Humidifier. Humidity is good for babies, love white noise.

Medela Double Breast Pump. WORTH the money, it works so much better than anything cheap I tried.

Now, I also have to add:
Baby Bumbo seat, VERY helpful, but only for about months 4-7, or whenever they start crawling, or their chubby thighs outgrow it, but it was so convenient, so many times.

Also: The Ocean Wonders Aquarium was recommended to me (for the crib) and Kalia still loves it.

And: Maybe it's a luxury, but I really love my wipes warmer, and Kalia is really calm (and doesn't pee on me) when I use warm wipes. Some people think they're ridiculous, but test a cold one (and a warm one) and see the difference! Love it.

I also ended up using my baby swing a LOT, I need to get another one now that we've moved.

I like Mam binkies the most of all (well, Kalia does) but the 0-6 month size were a little too small, she used 6+ month size all along, still does.

Finally, I have to say I didn't like my diaper genie, because the bags with their hint of fragrance was a smell I just didn't like at all, especially mixed with poo. My friend showed me how to wrap up a diaper in a grocery bag so you can't smell a thing, and I can't smell a thing in her room, so I'll tell you how to do that if you want to know.

I agree, there's a definite advantage to waiting to have a baby, so much good advice! I loved it too.

Sarah Garner said...

LOL! Erin said "double boober"! Best term ever! Note to self: "look for opportunities to use that term in everyday conversations".

Hey, I hope I didn't offend anyone with my "white noise comment". Definitely not trying to say any one way is right or wrong or sound like I'm putting anyone else down! Excellent point that anything can become a security blanket only if you let it!

Quela said...

I agree with almost everything that's been said. I've never had a humidifier or diaper genie, but we just put Roxy's diaper's in the trash can until she started solid foods. Her poop didn't really stink until then. Now we have to take it out to the trash outside. Maybe I should invest in a diaper genie now.

The bouncy seat is great. I love the formula carriers; I also use them now and put little treats in each compartment. I love the Bumbo seat, It's probably one of my favorite things. The Madela Double breast pump is so worth the money if you're breast feeding. And if you are breast feeding, I have to tell you to get some Lansinoh brand Lanolin cream to put on your breast after every feeding. It really helps with the soreness and dryness.

Oh, and I also love my baby bjorn. It's great for shopping or hiking, or even just cleaning around the house when your baby won't let you put him down. The Bjorn is the one I have and I love it, but really any type of front carrier would probably work.

Meili said...

You guys are great! I really feel that I have a starting point now. Thanks for all your comments! I will post a new entry soon...

Mary Hammer said...

Okay, so I have never had a child but someone close to me had this thing called a "boppie" (or something like that.) It's basically this big semi-round pillow that is used for everything. It saves your arms. She used it 24/7 and said she couldn't live without it. Anyone else heard of this?

Stephanie J. said...

Buy the stroller that you love, even if it is a bit more money...or else you're going to immediately regret that plastic travel system you were talked into at Babies R Us.

There's a whole world of amazing strollers beyond Graco (I'm not being a snob...please don't get me wrong...but many are just lots, lots better, some just $25 more) Here's a really cool one from Baby Jogger, the City Mini: It can even accept a car seat.

Further, I wouldn't rule out a stroller because it doesn't accept a car seat; you'll only be able to plug your baby's car seat into a travel system for about, oh, 6 months maybe, and then they'll be out of that cute little pluggable carseat. You could be using that stroller for 4 years or more, especially if there are more kiddoes in the future. And I PROMISE -- the older the child gets, the lighter you will want that stroller to be!

Lastly, shop the internet. Read opinions on and until you are going crazy, and only then buy. Don't just go down to BRU and use them as the one-stop shop.

Oh, I guess I have one more thing: make your own baby food. It's easy, and fun, especially if you love to cook. Think about the cost of a jar of sweet potatoes versus a pound of bulk sweets. Plus, your little fella will be exposed to a world of culinary taste beyond mushy peas and carrots. Lots of great web resources and books.

Sorry to be so wordy, Meili. You know me, I don't edit well!!!

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