Thursday, September 12, 2013

12of12: September 2013 (Thursday)

1. Breakfast. In order to prevent the basher from using his shirt as a napkin, I've removed the temptation. He eats shirtless now. 2. The view from behind the piano chair. My dad made this chair for my mom as an engagement present. 3. Breakdancing. What else? 4. Preschool in the rain. 5. My completed marathon training schedule. 403 miles down. My first marathon is in 2 days! 6. I'm enjoying what my bangs are doing these days. 7. The punk loves it when the Mahers come for their piano lessons. He gets to commandeer one of them while her sister has her lesson with me. 8. Tricycle and bare feet 9. My newest piano student, Lauriannah. She is delightful. 10. Dinner! Turkey with mozzarella, basil, cheddar, and honey dijon, and homemade tomato soup. 11. Bedtime routine 12. Folding laundry: undies for a tiny bum.

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