Thursday, September 12, 2013

12of12: August 2013 (Monday)

1. Grocery shopping 2. Discovery Gateway's tiny house 3. Discovery Gateway's vegetable garden 4. Working during quiet time. This is the front of my very pretty accordion folder. 5. Tomato soup for dinner 6. I love having my own basil plant 7. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 8. My bun is almost bigger than my head 9. I tried to take a couple photos in my grandpa's hallway mirror, but this accidental shot turned out to be my favorite 10. My grandma and grandpa hosted the Gifted Music School (whose full scholarship division I manage) for a concert in their home. We were preparing for our first tour, which is why I didn't get around to posting August's 12of12 for a month. Busy, busy! 11. My brother and his lovely girlfriend Paula came to the concert. Afterwards, they told me that they GOT MARRIED two days before! We are all so happy! 12. Valley lights.

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